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Hope you both will post more in the future~ I love reading these, it's like "the more you know about Vistlip" (´・ω・`) (笑) Are you guys excited for there new PV "Jack"?! (´。✪ω✪。`) I might die off of there beautifulness... Again. (;◔ิд◔ิ) (笑) Hope you both are having good days, by the way. (´,,・ω・,,`) As a fan in secret, I bid you good day. (✿ฺ◡◡ฺ◡)

Hello! We haven’t been active in very long, to be honest, and people haven’t submitted anything so we don’t know if we’ll continue posting, but this blog will definitely remain up! ^^

I’m really, really excited for Jack and can’t wait for it to arrive!! The previews sound excellent and I’m so pumped for the full single! ^o^

Thank you and I hope you have a good day too, lovely anon! ^^

- Mod 1


Anonymous asked:

how can i find some rui photos? i hate that i can't find it myself but but but yeah help me plssss

Hello! Well, I really do usually google “rui vistlip”, lol. But I also browse sites for scans and such, like the vistlip livejournal (you have to log in and be a member to see a majority of the stuff there though!) and (it’s in Russian so you probably have to use Google Translate for the page but I’ve found HQ scans there!)

I hope that helped! Have a nice day! :)

ETA: I also track the vistlip tag so you can find photos there as well. I also reblog almost every vistlip photo I see on the tag onto my personal blog, and if you’re specifically looking for Rui’s pictures I have them tagged here! Other than that, I also often go to their twitter and blogs and save photos from there. :)

Hello everyone!

If you noticed, we haven’t really updated with any “little vistlip things” for well over a year, and if you want us to post anything, you’re free to send an ask and we’ll post!

We’ve also been able to find photos for you guys, it seems ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ If there are photos of certain members etc you’d like to find, I’ll also be happy to help find it!

I’d also like to know: is there anything else you guys would like to see on this blog?


Anonymous asked:

Hello!! Do you have the actual picture (without the wordings and stuff) of "Rui's sleeping habits"? :)) Oh, and if you have any other pictures of Rui sleeping or something similar (like sitting down or lying on a bed or something), could you put it up too? :)) Thank you :-))

Hello! I don’t have the pictures with me at the moment of replying, however I will have them later when I’m home! I’ll post all that I have later, do check back! :)


Anonymous asked:

hi ! i'm the anon who asked about rui and yuh's piercings heh. :) thank you so much for the information :) really appreciate it <3 if you do come across any of yuh's tongue piercings, or more of vistlip's member's piercings, could you post it on your tumblr please ? :) thank you so much :)

Definitely! :) You’re welcome, anon! Have a good day :D


Anonymous asked:

hi ! this is about a post that was posted a long time ago. about yuh and rui's naval piercings, which one is which on the picture ? also, do you have any pictures on yuh's tongue piercing ? :)

Hello anon! :) Yuh’s is the left, Rui’s is the right in this post!

As for his tongue piercing, this is the only picture I have of it:


Credit to whoever took it originally, I believe I saw it on a comment thread in LJ somewhere as someone had it as their icon and uploaded this as the original picture for those who wanted it? I can’t really remember, I’m sorry. If anyone has any more pics that’d be nice! :)



Congratulation on vistlip’s release of GLOSTER. :D Can’t wait to see the PV of it and Yoru! 

May 2013 be filled with more joy and success for our vistlip and vistlipper too! 


Admin note; Yoru will be screen on their FBA tour which is starting Jan 18! :D 

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